1. To impart education to boys and girls through the medium of English and instil in them the ideals of courage, truth, tolerance and the virtues of an ideal human being and a true citizen of the country.
  2. In view of the national goals of education the School shall promote Emotional Integration by broadening the outlook of the student and by fostering in them a feeling of oneness, patriotism and pride in their cultural heritage and a spirit of tolerance, so that communal or cast interests are over looked in the larger interests of the nation.
  3. The Don Bosco educational trust is fully convinced that total development takes place in an atmosphere of community, thus, the School aims at creating a community of teachers and students imbued with the spirit of freedom, mutual trust and respect.
  4. This School aims at providing structures and disciplines that are considered necessary by the Governing body of the Society for the development of children during the formative years.