• Curiosity – True knowledge does not occur without curiosity. Students are empowered to ask questions about the world around them and to explore possible answers.
  • Creativity – The child should be able to apply innovative methods to solve problems. Creativity is an ability to think out of the box and applying a solution for a given problem. Each student shall think creatively in different aspects of learning to achieve excellence.
  • Compassion – A feeling that arises when you are confronted with others suffering and feels motivated to relieve that suffering. The students should feel the need to help others when in
    trouble and also sense the pain that others go through in distress.
  • Collaboration – Learning is a democratic process that is enhanced through sharing of different perspective and life experience. The student must have a collective sense of accomplishment
    and ownership. Collaboration results in an end product that has a deeper perfection.
  • Calibre – The result of every effort in the institute should be high caliber students who have unlimited potential in all areas of academics. Each school should focus on high Calibre students as an outcome for all the academic inputs made by its team.