Which is best? Government school or Private school

We often consider government schools are not good for education.But I think we have to think in this regard more. Actually all the government schools are not bad but some are really doing bad. It is fact and no one can change it. But if we are not sending our children to these schools then how they can prove themselves? You may be aware of the fact that many government schools are shutting down due to lack of students.
In case of private schools, I will say that everyone who has some money is starting English school and soon they try to recollect their money from parents. So, it is like business for them.
When we are choosing from government school and private school, one most important factor is money. You have to pay for getting education in private school, though all of them are not of same quality. So if you have enough amount of money then you can choose option of a private school and if money matters you more then government school is best option. In case infrastructure and resources, obviously private schools offers good infrastructure and resources but government schools also have enough infrastructure and resources, most of the times.

Different school syllabuses in India

It also depends upon you. First of all, we will see what these syllabus offers? Currently in India following schemes or syllabus for education are most considered:


CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. It is the syllabus which is same for whole India and it is run by body organized and supervised by Central government. This syllabus is taught in English and it somewhat difficult than state level syllabus. If your child is bright enough to catch the syllabus then it will definitely prove best for him/her.


ICSE stands for Indian certificate for secondary education. It is curriculum which is tougher than CBSE and competes with international level syllabus at appropriate level.

State Syllabus

In India different state governments have designed their curriculum that should be taught by schools either run by these state governments or funded by them. The difficulty level of this syllabus is easiest and you can take this syllabus in your mother tongue.

How to choose from CBSE, ICSE, State syllabus?

After getting some information and their nature now, its your turn to choose the best for your child. I think every child has different level of understanding, memory and intelligence. You should take these factors in count while choosing the scheme/curriculum/syllabus for your children. Now here some important points that should taken in account while choosing best school for your children


    1. Check if the syllabus/curriculum run by school is approved or not. In India, there are lots of private schools which claims to have their syllabus approved but in reality they doesn’t have such approvals.


    1. Check for the affiliations. Every syllabus/curriculum should be affiliated to appropriate board.


    1. Check the faculty. It is most important thing in any educational institute. You should check if appropriate faculty is available or not.


    1. Check the infrastructure and resources available. You can visit the school once or twice to check the infrastructure.


    1. Find out tendency of your child. If he/she doesn’t want to go to English medium then don’t force him. It will create lot of critical problems later. Choose the school according to unique needs of your child.


    1. Find out the school which will develop your child in all areas of life. Merely syllabus/curriculum and marks in exam will not help him/her to be successful in life.


    1. Choose the which is involved in other activities than study. This will help to improve soft skills in your child.


    1. Choose the schools which is designed for educating children and not for harvesting money.


    1. Try to find out what your children is going to learn and how? Choose the school which focuses more on practical and understanding.


    1. If your job is subject to transfer then check in which type of cities or areas you may get transfer. Choose the syllabus/curriculum which should be mostly available in the area where you may get transfer.


      Education is important and we making our best to give our child what we didn’t got in our life. But don’t force your children for particular school or syllabus. Finally, he will do best, where he suits best.

Choosing best school

    has become very tough job in these days, you are required to be prepared for everything that may need your involvement. Don’t think these points to be waste of point as if your children gets the right education at right time then he/she will definitely become successful in life.


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