Founder’s Desk

Don Bosco

Dr. Koshy Vaidyan


Don Bosco stands tall with a legacy of 25 years as an educational group. This is a result of a promising dream and great vision. The school is a beacon reflective of its vision of seeing every child as a responsible, confident, and valued citizen of the world. Our quest to provide enriching and holistic development is reflected through our qualitative programmes.

In this endeavour, we arouse curiosity amongst our students and unlock their hidden talents by educating, enlightening, and empowering them. We realize that education needs to attune to the ever-changing world affairs. The world is moving at a fast pace and we must prepare our students to face the challenges that lie ahead. Therefore, at Don Bosco, we engage our students not only through a well-designed curriculum, but also with a mental, physical, and emotional programme.

Don Bosco strives to design an impeccable future for every student by making learning fun and enriching.