Principals Message

Don Bosco

Dr. Priyanka Payal


Knowledge is experienced through values. We strive to inspire excellence in all endeavours and deliver unto the world balanced and equipoised individuals, who are humble, grounded in attitude, show exemplary behaviour in public and are successful in career and service. I am privileged and proud to be a part of this institution and contribute to the progress and prosperity of its children.

As a Principal, I render my support and guidance to the teachers, in their career and professional development. I aspire to provide the teachers and students a wonderful learning accretion and an excellent ambience, to upgrade their spiritual and academic pursuits. In Don Bosco, learning is through experiential means and is facilitated through lab visits, nature walks and out-bound trips. I believe that real education lies beyond textbooks and classroom teaching. Teachers and support staff work in unison, to educate the students on values such as discipline, moral ethics and social behaviour through various schemes like leadership training, food wastage management, paper recycling, etc.