School Clubs

Don Bosco

Life Club

Do you like to act, write or work backstage? Do u like facing the masses, debating and love personal grooming. This student-initiated group is for those who love perfection. Possible activities include competing in a one-act festival, youth parliament and other performance opportunities around school and in the area and working backstage at an Overture Centre performance.

Socio Eco Club

The club seeks to create ways for each person to make a positive difference. Activities include recycling within the school and outings on Saturday mornings, where groups of students and faculty either plant vegetation or pick up trash at various parks and beaches.

Music and Dance Club

The love and craze for foot tapping and music in children is what gave rise to this club. The students look for perfecting their passion for dancing and music of all genre right here in this club.

Art & Craft Club

The students who love to make things out of nothing or to beautify existing artifacts in to a shiny masterpiece get together in this club to learn more in crafting. The little fingers that love using the paintbrush to paint imaginations also get together in this club to polish their skills.

Student Action Committee (SAC)

The members of this group strive to improve the Bosco community and the world beyond the campus through school activities and service projects. It is open to all school students and they meet with action plan on Saturdays.