Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Don Bosco High School website.

The School is committed to maintaining your trust by protecting personal

information we collect about you, and this statement outlines the school’s policy on how the school uses and manages personal data provided to or collected by the school.

Information We Collect

The school may collect information about you from a variety of sources, including information we collect from you directly during pre-admissions, when you intend to admit your child in DON BOSCO HIGH SCHOOL or otherwise provided directly to us. Generally, we collect information about an individual by way of application form filled out by you, discussion, meetings, interviews and telephone calls during and after the course of a student’s admission at the school.

Personal Information

The School may collect the information mentioned below directly during the admission process which includes personal and sensitive information.

  • Student’s name, Parents or Guardians
  • Email address, telephone or mobile number, postal address,
  • Student’s age, date of birth, details of family members, siblings, etc.
  • Contact information of relatives, friends, etc, who contact the
  • Payment information, if payment information is made through cheque, net banking, credit or debit card,
  • Medical
  • Future communication

How We Use this Information

We provide information to students and parents by way of digital or electronic communication such as website, social media tools, Mobile Apps and SMS.

We collect the information to provide the progress, improvement and other

information about the student’s matters related to their schooling.

We also provide information on day-to-day administrative activities, events, celebrations, competitions, sports and others activities organised by the school.

Information Sharing and Security

The success of every business relationship depends on trust and we do not reveal any personal information outside School which we collect from you.

We are committed to keep personal information secure and have appropriate technical, physical and administrative procedures in place to protect personal information from loss, misuse or alteration.

Information Transfer

We limit access to personal information to those who have a business need or third parties provided we protect the information not to use the information for any other purpose. We may disclose personal information to government departments, medical practitioners, any one authorized by an individual to receive their information, people providing service to the school, including visiting teachers, sport coaches, etc.

Policy changes: The School Committee will post substantive changes to this policy at least thirty (30) days before such changes take effect. Any information the Don Bosco High School Committee and/or Don Bosco High School collects under the current website privacy policy will remain subject to the terms of this website privacy policy. After any changes take effect, all new information the Don Bosco High School Committee and/or Don Bosco High School collects, if any, will be subject to the new policy.


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We do not store any of your personal information in cookies, web and beacons or other technologies on our computer. Hence, you are not required to provide any personal information through this website unless you choose to do so. We cannot guarantee confidentiality of e-mails and we therefore recommend that you do not send confidential information via e-mail. If for any reason you are concerned that the personal information available at the DON BOSCO HIGH SCHOOL is not correct or needs to be changed, you may please contact us at for the same.